Thursday, May 22, 2014

Yes, Indeed ~ Yoga on Memorial Day!

Just a quick reminder ...

We WILL have our regular Yoga classes on Memorial Day, Monday, May 26.

Classes are at 4:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

I know that sandy beaches and cookouts and holiday travel can get between you and your Yoga mat.  But, if you're around and need your Down Dog fix, I'll be here!


For the latest Peaceful Hands Yoga schedule click here.

I hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Special Message For "Team Bunny"

Every spring I ask for your help collecting fresh clover & dandelions for the patients at the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

(I always feel a little odd asking for your garden weeds!)

As always, the response is wonderful! Thank you, thank you! Randy has delivered many bags of garden greens to the Center over these past many weeks.  Here are some of your delicious greens "in action":

Garden Greens are YUM!

Here's a message for you from Dr. Kelli, one of the Wildlife Center's Certified Wildlife Rehabbers ... 

I can’t thank “Team Bunny” enough for the natural greens that they are providing for our patients. They’ve already helped to feed the 126!!! juvenile eastern cottontails that we’ve admitted this year since our first young bunny arrived on April 2nd. 

We are on track for a record year of cottontail admissions considering we admitted 402 cottontails in total for the entire year of 2013. 

We also feed the clover and dandelions to other patients like our bear cubs which we are transitioning onto whole foods and they LOVE leaves and greens.  Our box turtles enjoy the greens as well which we food process into "turtle bulk" along with greens that we purchase like kale, collards and dark green lettuce varieties.

If there are any gardeners out there that grow greens and lettuces in their garden, those are welcome too.

Keep those natural greens coming Team Bunny!

Thanks again-


For more information on Team Bunny click here.  I hope you'll join our squadron of greens-pickers!  

Thank you all again for helping animals and for opening your heart to the wild!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Team Bunny" Needs You (& Your Dandelions!)

I received an email from Randy at the Wildlife Center of Virginia the other day and here's what it said:

"It's time to activate TEAM BUNNY!"

During the last couple years, many of you have been vital parts of our "Team Bunny" efforts.  And, so the Wildlife Center of Virginia has come to us for help again this year.

It's the Wildlife Center's annual spring influx of rabbits (many are very young orphan bunnies) -- more than 100 came in during the past month and more are arriving daily.

It's clear these furry patients don't particularly like the regular "hospital fare" the Center provides. (And, really -- who DOES like hospital food?) But, what baby bunnies and their friends DO love is snacking on dandelions and clover.

Would you be willing to donate a bag of dandelions and clover from your yard?

Last year, Peaceful Hands Yoga Students & Massage Clients provided many, many, many pounds of greens to feed the bunny patients. In recognition of this kindness, some of the Wildlife Center staff have named the Peaceful Hands' Family "Team Bunny."

Join "TEAM BUNNY" by donating a bag -- or 2 or 3 -- of greens and help feed the bunnies!

Here's how ...

If you're out in your yard, garden, or pasture (in untreated, pesticide- and chemical-free areas only, please) and you wander across some dandelions and/or clover, the Wildlife Center would love to have them! (Fresh is better, of course, so if you're coming to yoga class or have a massage scheduled, pull them up in the morning sometime and then bring them in with you. Or drop them off at my massage studio any time during the week.)

Just dandelions (especially the green leafy parts) and clover. A little bag. A big bag. Every little bit helps. (And the dandelion flowers are fine to include.)

The rabbits will need the bounty for many weeks to come ... and soon the goslings and ducklings will benefit from your donations as well. And, a happy, eating rabbit is a healing rabbit (or duckling or gosling or possum), and that makes the job easier for the Center's Vets and Rehabbers.

Email me with questions at jackie (at)

Thank you in advance for helping out these wildlife patients.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

More Yoga! 8-Week Session Begins Wed, 5/7

In the past couple weeks, I may have implied that stink bugs find rolled-up, unused Yoga mats to be particularly cozy nests for sleeping and procreating.  I may have implied that rolled-up, unused Yoga mats may be the reason why there are so many stink bugs.

I may be wrong about that.

But, really, why risk it?

Time to dust off your trusty mat and join us for Yoga!

with Hamiltons Day Spa
Orange, VA

Mondays & Wednesdays
4:30 p.m. ~ Level 1
6:00 p.m. ~ Level 1/Level 2

8-Week Session
Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Monday, June 30, 2014

(We WILL have classes on Memorial Day, May 26.)

$120 ~ Unlimited Classes
$72 ~ Any 8 Classes During The Session
$13 ~ Single Drop-In Class

General Information on my classes, studio directions, etc. can be found here.

I know that summer activities take their toll on other routines ... still, I hope you'll find time to unroll your mat with us.  

And, YES ... our 7th Annual YogaPalooza is on its way in July & August!