Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Holiday Yoga In Orange Begins Oct 31, 2012

Fall should be the time for beginning to slow down. Just like trees and plants and nature ... the gentle slowing down, cooling down, resting time begins.  So tell me again how did this got to be the busiest time of year for us humans?

The Holidays and Year-End stress seem go against everything that nature teaches us. We just never slow ourselves down.   

But, really … if not now, when?

Researchers have found that those who spend an hour or so in a stress-relieving yoga class or who receive a massage get that time back (and then some) in renewed energy, improved clarity, and a stronger, healthier immune system. It’s like recharging your cell phone. You do that all the time … so why not give yourself that same opportunity to recharge?

So, even though this time is busy, I hope you’ll join us.

6-week Holiday Yoga Session
Peaceful Hands Yoga in Orange, VA
On Wednesdays, beginning tonight!

Wednesday, October 31

Wednesday, November 7
Wednesday, November 14
Wednesday, November 28
Wednesday, December 5
Wednesday, December 12

(There is no class Thanksgiving Week.) The 6-week session is $48 or $12/class.

Two classes in Orange on Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Classes are at Peaceful Hands Yoga Studio at 145 Byrd Street in Orange.

And, mark your calendar for our annual NEW YEAR’s YOGA in Orange on January 1, 2013.
More info to come ...
The Madison On Mondays Yoga schedule had to do a bit of juggling ... and we're still working our way through the current fall schedule.  The Madison, VA Fall/Holiday schedule for the rest of 2012 is here.

If you're new to Yoga, or to my classes, and need general information like directions to the studio and what to expect ... just click here.

And, you can always reach me by email at peacefulhands (at) or by phone at 540-672-9528.

Be Gentle With Yourself This Holiday Season.

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