Friday, August 17, 2012

Sometimes A Flower Is Only A Flower

Sometimes a flower is only a flower. 

There's no real reason for this post.

Except that this morning, I went out to take a photo of the single sunflower blooming in my garden. 

But, that photo didn't turn out.

And, then I saw this tiny little morning glory, just tucked in amongst the weeds and vines.  And, so I took a photo of it.  And, the photo was sweet and the morning dew looked so glittery.  

So, I didn't get the photograph of the flower I wanted.  I got something I didn't expect.

This flower is only a flower.

And, there is no purpose to this post.

Except that sometimes a flower is only a flower ... and that's quite simple and beautiful enough.

1 comment:

MarthaVA said...

It is an amazingly beautiful flower! Ilove the way it shines. Awesome photo!