Monday, March 26, 2012

April Yoga ~ Madison & Orange Changes!

The season changed. The weather changed. The time changed. Now what?
Just a quick reminder that there are a few YOGA class changes in April ...

*** We DO have Yoga today in MADISON ~ Monday, March 26.

*** Due to the Madison School and Wetsel Library schedule there will be NO class in Madison the next two Mondays: No class on April 2 or April 9.

*** MONDAYS in Madison return on Monday, April 16.

ORANGE YOGA*** We DO have Yoga this week in ORANGE ~ Wednesday, March 28.

*** We DO have class next week in ORANGE on MONDAY, April 2
AND WEDNESDAY, April 4.   BOTH days' classes are at "regular" Orange times: 4:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Yes, TWO Classes in Orange next week ~ Monday AND Wednesday!
And, you can use the special Monday class if you're taking the spring session in Madison or Orange as a make-up class if you need one. (And, I know many of you do!) If you don't need a make-up, but want to take the Monday class as an extra class, you can do that, too (just $8 if you're registered in either the Madison or Orange spring session; $12 if not.)

*** NO classes in Orange the following week, Wednesday, April 11.

*** Then, Orange goes back to our regular every-Wednesday schedule on Wednesday, April 18.


Remember, you can always drop in to one of my classes whenever your schedule allows. No need to wait for a new session to start.

And, the latest Yoga Schedules are online at: Peaceful Hands Yoga and on Facebook: Peaceful Hands On Facebook.

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