Friday, May 27, 2011

No Madison Yoga on Memorial Day, 5/30

There will be no yoga classes in Madison, Virginia on Memorial Day, 5/30.

Classes in Orange are "on" for Wednesday.

I hope you'll take time to enjoy the first weekend of "summer" outside and the summer energy that infuses you with sunny warmth and power on the inside.

Classes in Madison are continuing on Mondays through June. Then we'll take a break until Labor Day. Classes in Orange continue through the summer. I hope you'll be able to unroll your mat with me during these precious summer days.

For more info on our current Monday yoga schedule in Madison, VA click here.

For more info on our current Wednesday yoga schedule in Orange, VA click here.

And, click here for general information about my classes, including schedules, fees, directions, and the like.

Or, you can always email me here or call 540-672-9528.

I hope to see you in the sunshine! Namaste

Friday, May 13, 2011

Madison Yoga: 6-Week Session Begins 5/16

A special SIX-WEEK Summer Yoga Session in Madison begins this Monday, May 16 and runs through Monday, June 27.

There will be NO classes on Memorial Day, May 30.

Two classes each Monday at the Wetsel Middle School Libarary in Madison, Virginia -- at 4:00 p.m. and at 5:30 p.m.

This special session is the last chance for Yoga in Madison before Labor Day.

(Classes continue all summer long in Orange at Peaceful Hands Yoga Studio ... and a new 8-week session has just begun there on Wednesdays. And, don't forget ... my traditional array of non-traditional yoga classes will appear again in Orange this August.)

$48 for the 6-week Madison session; $12/class. (As always, your first class with me is free.)

Summer classes in Madison tend to be smaller -- allowing more time for personalized attention, more time to focus on individual poses, and more time for you to choose the poses you would like to explore in class.

I hope you will unroll your mat with us ...

Scroll to the next post for info on the current Orange class session. And, for general yoga class info, directions, fees, what to bring/wear, etc, click on: Madison & Orange Yoga 2011

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Orange Yoga: New Session Begins Wed 5/4

The new 8-week LATE SPRING YOGA SESSION in Orange, Virginia begins Wednesday, May 4 and runs through Wednesday, June 22.

8-week session is $64; or $12/class.

Spring is a wonderful time to unroll your mat, allowing yourself to blossom into the warmth and new life within.

As always, classes will continue all summer long in Orange ... including our wide-array of Special classes throughout August -- including the annual return of BEATLES YOGA and other favorites, and maybe even a new class or two! Stay tuned!

Orange Yoga is on WEDNESDAYS at
PEACEFUL HANDS YOGA STUDIO (145 Byrd Street, a half-block from the Main Street/7-11 intersection in Orange). Classes are at 4:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

If you're in MADISON -- the Spring Yoga Session concludes next Monday, May 9 and a new 6-week session will begin on May 16. I will post those details soon.

For general yoga class info, including directions, fees, what to wear, etc, click: Madison & Orange Yoga for 2011

Monday, May 02, 2011

Groucho, The Buddha Kitty

I don't usually post personal messages on this blog. That was never the point.

And, quite honestly, who wants to read about me? I'd much rather encourage your yoga practice and your good health journey.

But, today, I'm breaking my rules ...

This weekend, I lost Groucho, my Buddha Kitty, who has inspired my yoga practice and made my heart joyful for 13 years.

For 13 years, Groucho rarely missed when I unrolled my yoga mat at home. Sometimes she just came in and sat for a few mintues, sometimes she laid down against my shoulders when I was in Shoulderstand ... or walked in and out under me while I was in Upward Bow or Bridge pose. And, more than once she licked my nose as I was upside down in a Headstand.

Her favorite part was always Savasana and Meditation, when she would curl up under the blanket, or lay down by my head, or rest near my feet as I sat in quiet, just breathing, just being.

I will miss all the joy -- and warmth -- she brought to me. And, all the wisdom she shared.

In 2007, I posted some of her words of wisdom. And, here they are again. She may be gone from the earth, but her essence will always be with me. And, her words will continue to inspire me:

"As I was doing my yoga yesterday, I was joined by Groucho, one of my cats. She often sits in on my practices, patiently waiting for savasana and meditation, when she can crawl under my prayer blanket for a cozy snooze.

"Yesterday, I asked her in my heart to communicate with me, to share a secret with me. And, she told me this:

"I live. I love. I rest."

I will miss her. She was one cool kitty and unrolling my yoga mat will never be quite as joyful without her there watching and hanging out.

I live. I love. I rest.

And, may you Live, Love, and Rest, too.


Sunday, May 01, 2011

SOS ~ The Wildlife Center of Virginia Needs Your Clover & Dandelions!

The Wildlife Center of Virginia has its annual spring influx of rabbits (many are very young orphan bunnies) and it's clear these furry little patients don't particularly like the regular "hospital fare" the Center provides. (And, really -- who DOES like hospital food?) But, what baby bunnies and their friends DO love is snacking on dandelions and clover.

Would you be willing to donate a bag of dandelions and clover from your yard?

Last year, Peaceful Hands Yoga Students & Massage Clients provided many, many, many pounds of greens to feed the bunny patients. In recognition of this kindness, some of the Wildlife Center staff have named the Peaceful Hands' Family "Team Bunny."

Join "TEAM BUNNY" by donating a bag -- or 2 or 3 -- of greens and help feed the bunnies!

Here's how ...

If you're out in your yard, garden, or pasture (in untreated, pesticide- and chemical-free areas only, please) and you wander across some dandelions and/or clover, the Wildlife Center would love to have them! (Fresh is better, of course, so if you're coming to yoga class or have a massage scheduled, pull them up in the morning sometime and then bring them in with you. Or drop them off at my massage studio any time during the week.)

Just dandelions (especially the green leafy parts) and clover. A little bag. A big bag. Every little bit helps. (And the dandelion flowers are fine to include.)

The rabbits will need the bounty for many weeks to come ... and soon the goslings and ducklings will benefit from your donations as well. And, a happy, eating rabbit is a healing rabbit (or duckling or gosling or possum), and that makes the job easier for the Center's Vets and Rehabbers.

Email me with questions at peacefulhands (at)

Thank you in advance for helping out these wildlife patients.