Friday, March 11, 2011

Joy. Play. Peace.

I always ...

Wait, let me start again.

I almost always ... (there, that's better)

I almost always begin yoga class by asking those practicing with me to set a small intention in their heart. An intention to guide their practice ... a small gift that their yoga can give to them. We come back to that intention at the end of practice, to allow it to unfold and blossom into a very real gift to guide us on our way.

And, then I offer my intention to all those who unrolled their mats with me ... and, since a couple of you asked me to post that little blessing here, here it is:

May you carry your yoga with you when you roll up your mat.

May it bring you,

, when you need it ...

Playfulness, when you least expect it ... and ...

, always.


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