Monday, February 08, 2010

No Madison Yoga Tonight, Monday, Feb 8

I miss you all! Madison schools are closed and so there will be no yoga class in Madison tonight, Monday, February 8.

We will tack this class onto the end of the session and ... eventually ... we will get our full session in. It just may take a bit of patience and flexibility (two benefits that come from yoga naturally!)

Madison Cancellation Policy: If the county schools close due to bad roads and bad weather, we are closed, too. There are only a few exceptions to this: if the weather and the roads aren’t too bad AND the front office at Wetsel is at the school and can let me into the building, then we can have class. If that happens, I will post the "class is on" notice here on the website. If you've signed up for the 8-week session you'll also get an email and call. More often than not, if the county schools are closed due to weather/bad roads, we'll cancel our class as well.

But, for tonight -- stay warm and cozy at home!

Remember this policy is ONLY for unscheduled weather events. There are many times that Madison schools close for holidays, teacher workdays, and the like, when our class goes on as scheduled. If in doubt, call me, email me, or check the website.

And, this is ONLY for Madison classes held at Wetsel Middle School. Orange classes on Wednesdays do NOT follow the school system; we cancel classes in Orange based on the current weather and road situation and I let students know by 3 p.m. on Wednesday.

Whew ... hopefully we are moving into the springtime and all these snowy cancellations will be behind us. Thank you for your understanding!

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