Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Wildlife Center Needs Your Dandelions & Clover!

The Wildlife Center of Virginia has its annual spring influx of rabbits and it's clear they don't particularly like the regular "hospital fare" the Center provides. What they do love is snacking on dandelions and clover.

Would you be willing to donate a bag of dandelions and clover from your yard?

If you're out in your yard, garden, or pasture (in untreated, pesticide- and chemical-free areas only, please) and you wander across some dandelions and/or clover, the Wildlife Center would love to have them! (Fresh is better, of course, so if you're coming to yoga class or have a massage scheduled, pull them up in the morning sometime and then bring them in with you. Or drop them off at my massage studio during the week.)

Just dandelions and clover. A little bag. A big bag. Every little bit helps. (And the dandelion flowers are fine to include.) The rabbits will need the bounty for many weeks to come ... and soon the goslings and ducklings will benefit from your donations as well. And, a happy, eating rabbit is a healing rabbit (or duckling or gosling or possum), and that makes the job easier for the Center's Vets and Rehabbers. (Several of the orphan bunnies had been losing weight ... but now that we've been bringing in dandelions and clover, they are eating again and gaining weight!)

Thank you in advance for helping out these wildlife patients.

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