Friday, May 08, 2009

Keep The Clover & Dandelions Coming!

The bunnies at the Wildlife Center are rejoicing ... and so thankful for the generosity of everyone who has scoured their lawns and gardens for clover and dandelions ... often in the rain!

The rehabbers at the Wildlife Center also thank you for being so kind and the need will continue for many weeks to come. And, soon, the ducklings and goslings will be coming in and they will love the greens to munch on as well.

Scroll down a message or two for the specifics on what to gather and where to bring it.

And, I want to send a delighted bunny cheer to the following folks who have been so generous so far:

Michelle ... Beppy ... Dotty ... Nancy ... Shannon ... Carolyn, Ruth & Ed ... Tom & Elisabeth ... Carol & Barbara ... and Malcolm.
Thank you!

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