Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Madison & Orange Yoga: Off The Week of April 9

Hi! Your search engine has directed you to a very, very old post on my website (from 2007!) I just realized that, for some reason, this single page is a favorite target of many search engines for people who are searching for news about Yoga & Massage in Orange & Madison, Virginia.

So, in my effort to outsmart the search engine ... I'm going to redirect you to the front page of my website, with all the latest YOGA & MASSAGE news.

Just click here to go to the front page for

(And if you're still interested in the original post from 2007 ... here it is ...)

Just a reminder ...

We will be on a yoga break during the week of April 9. There will be no yoga classes in Madison on April 9 and no yoga classes in Orange on April 11.

I hope you'll take some time to unroll your mat during the week. And, if the weather warms up, perhaps you can take a few moments to practice outside.

Enjoy the sunshine and the warming early days of spring, and take time to let your yoga practice warm you from the inside out!


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